Hey, I'm Mike 👋

I run multiple profitable software products (currently at $7,929 MRR) with no investments and no CS degree!

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I earned over 100,000€ as a solo-founder and bootstrapper.

My name is Mike and I’m a software entrepreneur from Italy.

Specifically, I like SaaS products which I build and bring to market by myself.

SaaS is a business model where you typically sell access to a software solution for a monthly fee.

I’ve been doing this for years, bootstrapping, which means that the products are self-sufficient: I re-invest part of the revenue..

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Maker Mindset

When you run a business alone, it's difficult to keep your mind straight. Especially, when everybody is singing the same song.

Here are some frameworks and counter-intuitive ideas that I've developed through the years.
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I build 5 software products every year, on average

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How I built a successful SaaS product using microdata

On coronavirus

As an entrepreneur, coronavirus is just another thing that was unavoidable in this reality, that we have to fight.

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How I built a successful SaaS product using microdata

How I built a successful SaaS product using microdata

I used microdata and competitive intelligence to successfully relaunch a product I already had in my portfolio.

Why isolation is key

Why isolation is key

Making and executing should have priority on learning, and you should do it in solitude.

A rhizomatic approach to business

A rhizomatic approach to business

When running multiple projects it’s easy to just add more of them to your business and not simplify.