with Marino Cordasco( Piano ), Pasquale Gadaleta( Doublebass ), Gianlivio Liberti( Drums )

Upcoming shows:


Bari in Jazz Festival
Bari, 25th June 2015


Umbria Jazz Pre Festival
Perugia, 3rd July 2015


Mike Rubini Extensive Quartet propose an interesting syncretism between classical, jazz and contemporary music, aiming to find freedom of expression in the formally-expressed composed material. This quartet came out of a Mike’s idea, who gather some of the best performing musicians in Italy to push the music forward and find new or alternative paths of expression. The music, mostly original, is all about trying to balance the composed material and the improvised material: ideally, it should not be any difference between them. To best express this concept, what is formally written and the improvisation do not make up a dualism, instead they coexist: the written material become a flexible background in which the improviser can play applying several processes.