If you like my music and want to help me make more, this is the only place you can listen to it.

Help me put more time and energy into creating and doing what I do.

The Idea

To build an inner-circle which lives on the internet, a community of people who supports my music and it is interested in participating in a discussion about it, as well as life and spirituality.

Our Beliefs

To connect personally: music from my home to my listeners. No barriers, no record stores, no middlemen.

To spread rapidly: music rapidly instilled to your ears. Rapid feedback.

To supply with clarity: music packaged with love and clarity. Also, in the future I’d like to experiment with different media, like usb or SSD drives.

To listen with comfort: music to listen right on your laptop as on your favorite devices.

To reach people: how many people does a musician reach by printing 1000 copies of his/her cd? 1000 at most. With internet, the sky is the limit.

To push consistently: music that never gets old: it will be always on inside my inner-circle for public access.

Join My Inner Circle

My Inner Circle is a private community that supports my ongoing creations in music. It’s a way for you to help out me creating music that you love and believe in, and it’s a way for me to be able to put more time and energy into creating and doing what I do.

  • Access to all my previous and future music
  • Download my music in hi-quality
  • Private member area on my website with educational videos, exclusive demos, outtakes
  • Private Fb group where I will personally interact with you to hear your suggestions and comments

Be a part of my growth as a musician and join my Inner Circle. It’s just $10/month. Cancel anytime.

There are also all kind of rewards that you can earn if you refer people who love music as you do to join my inner circle like free downloads, free concert tickets, books I read, etc.

Thank you for taking the time to listen and I’m excited to start this adventure with you! =)

Inner-circle is full now.

Leave me your email and I’ll let you know whenever I accept new people in!

Thank you.

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