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Thank you for stopping by! I’m a jazz musician, coming to you from the heel of Italy!

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Hey, I'm Mike!

I come from a little hamlet in Southern Italy called Sovereto. For context, my region is called Puglia: I'm sure you know Italy has the shape of a boot, I'm from the heel!

I've been playing music since I was 4 and was lucky enough to study music with great musicians.

At about 11 years old I fell in love with jazz, listening to Dexter Gordon. Now I'm 30 and on a quest to create more music.

You are very welcome to watch the documentary on the side, which was filmed during a session with my former quartet, called Mike Rubini Extensive Quartet.

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I'm so honored to play with some of the best musicians around.
Come hear me live!
Date Band name Venue name
March 14, 2024 Omaggio a Paul Desmond Matera
April 06, 2024 G. Di Leone & Pocket Orchestra Molfetta
April 14, 2024 G. Di Leone & Pocket Orchestra Lecce
April 30, 2024 G. Di Leone "Interaction" Quartet Duke Jazz Club
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Latest news

Pippo D'Ambrosio cd

New CD by Pippo D'Ambrosio is out

The new album called "The Pen And The Ink" is out now, featuring a lot of great musicians.

Listen on YT
Gianlivio Liberty Black Thought

New CD by Levity Trio is out

The new album called "Black Thought" is out now, featuring Gianlivio Liberti on drums and Giuseppe Bassi on doublebass.

Mike Rubini Playing

Mike Rubini won 1st prize Bari in Jazz competition

Mike Rubini won the first prize of the Bari in Jazz competition for Italian jazz musicians under 30. Thereby he will perform in two important festivals in the area with his band.

Mike Rubini Playing

Mike Rubini Won The Luciano Zorzella Award 2015

Besides receiving a scholarship, Mike will also have the opportunity to play at the Camploy Theatre in Verona.

Mike Rubini Playing

Mike Rubini is awarded the Berklee Summer School Scholarship 2015

Mike Rubini Extensive Quartet performed at Umbria Jazz for the second time in a row. Mike Rubini is also awarded the Berklee Summer School Scholarship 2015 at UJ Clinics.