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  • Hey, my name is Mike

    .. and I'm a SaaS entrepreneur.

    SaaS is a business model where you typically sell access to a software product for a monthly fee.

    I build and bring to market multiple profitable software products with no investments, no team and even no CS degree - all the way from Italy.

    So far, I earned over € 100,000 as a solo-founder.

    I’ve been doing this for years, bootstrapping, which means that I re-invest part of the revenue my products generate into making them better.

    RubiniSolutions Revenue Stripe
    Maker Mindset

    1 + 1 = 11

    My approach is unusual. The mainstream advice out there is to focus on 1 thing, whereas right now I run 7 software products, and I build 5 new products on average every year.

    Instead of going 0 to 10 with 1 product, I go 0 to 1 with multiple products. Basically, I stack a lot of 1s so that eventually I will get to 10.

    But, when you run a business alone it's difficult to keep your mind straight. Especially, when everybody is singing the same song.

    Over the years, I had to develop counter-intuitive ideas and frameworks like practicing multiplicity (vs focusing), obsessing over founder (vs obsessing over customers), isolating from external inputs (vs building a team) and more.

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    Learn what I do and what I don't do to ship and grow SaaS products fast, time and time again

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    Access to my Slack

    Join my personal Slack where I'll be updating you on what I'm working on, what's happening in the business, how I launch new products, the marketing strategies I use, and more.


    Access to the "brain"

    See first-hand how new products and marketing strategies impact revenue through the "brain", a software I developed that contains all the app and revenue metrics of the business. Preview it here.


    Preview my products

    You get to beta test my upcoming products. I have a lot of exciting things on the roadmap, including a SaaS on Amazon, a nyc housing lead-gen business, a course on reverse engineering, and more.


    Monthly office hours

    No time to follow along? No problem. We'll always have one live update per month where I'll also answer any questions you might have. These sessions will also be recorded for later access.

    Under the hood of a
    SaaS business

    • Join my personal Slack
    • Full access to the "brain"
    • Upcoming products preview
    • Monthly office hours
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    Who is this for?

    This is valuable for everybody who wants to learn the ins and outs of running a SaaS business. It's especially useful if you are already successful in other fields (for ex: you run an e-commerce business, or an agency, ..) and you are thinking to launch a SaaS product in the future to diversify.

    Is there a money back guarantee?

    Unfortunately, no. I make thousands of dollars in products revenue by doing what you'll be able to testify first-hand. Moreover, it would be unfair to other members. That's why I don't accept everybody, and instead I have a selection process.

    Case study: how I operate

    I'm in the business of bringing SaaS products to market as fast as I can.

    The "brain" allows me to detach from the day-to-day operations that I might do on a single software and get a 360° view of the business.

    Watch the video to understand what's inside.

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